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About Born Drug Free Montana

"Born Drug Free Montana" is an initiative by the Alliance for a Drug Free Flathead to raise awareness about babies being born exposed to drugs. The campaign educates women about the importance of discussing drug use with their doctors and offers education and assistance to women and their care providers.

The Alliance has been examining the scope of the problem of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, the costs associated with caring for babies with NAS, the long-term effects of NAS, and strategies for preventing prescription drug abuse by expectant mothers.

This initiative is one of the group's recommendations intended to decrease NAS in Montana’s newborns.

The Task Force was founded by: Dr. Kristin Veneman, Neonatology; Amber Norbeck, Pediatric Pharmacist; Lisa Smith, OB-NICU Social Worker; and Mindy Fuzesy, NICU RN Specialist.

This site is for information only. Contact your physician. If emergency, call 911.